Everyone goes through seasons in life: times of great joy and celebration, times of uncertainty and anxiety, times of sadness and longing, times of frustration and anger, times of contentment and rest, times of questioning and doubt … the list is endless as are the situations and seasons we find ourselves in. Our St. John’s family accepts people no matter what their season of life might be, offering hope, grace, peace, faith, kindness and love in Christ’s name.

At St. John’s, we value community and care about nurturing relationships with each other and with Jesus. We welcome you to join us for one of our 2 worship services offered each Sunday to experience the extension of Christ’s love through His people. We welcome you to experience God through worship. We welcome you to experience God through helping others. We welcome you to experience God through learning. Just as there are many different seasons of life, there are many ways people connect with and experience God. We welcome you to join us here at St. John’s in our desire to connect with the living God who promises to walk right by your side through all of life’s seasons and searching. May you be blessed in the journey!

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