There ain’t nothin’ gonna steal my joy!        Dec 2017/Jan 2018

My friend shared a youtube video of a children’s choir singing the contemporary Christian song called “Old Church Choir”.  There’s one line in the song that says. “There ain’t nothin’ gonna steal my joy” and as the choir sang, it was certainly true for one young lady who simply could not contain herself as she smiled, widely, sang loudly and made some dance moves even Michael Jackson would envy.  As the rest if the children’s choir sang in stoic manner, this little girl could not contain her movement; a testimony to the pure joy in her heart.

When I think of the night Jesus was born, I can imagine that the angels sang and danced in the sky, similar to this choir girl, with pure joy.  I can imagine the shepherds running to see the Christ child, then leaving with glad hearts, to spread the joyful news.

We often approach Christmas with joyful songs, special worship services, seasonal events and traditions that fill us to overflowing.  Yet, does that same joy extend into January when the once sparkling tree is discarded, holiday bills arrive and the prediction of a winter snowstorm doesn’t bring on the same enthusiasm as it did on December 24? Has the joy truly become who we are as Christians, or is it just a feeling that comes out at high Christian holidays and then rapidly fades as holidays become mere memories?

Our faith is not something we express only on holidays, but it is a life long journey.  Our joy is not situational, but is steadfast as we live in the love and grace of Jesus every day of the year.  Living a life of discipleship brings deep joy to our hearts and it is what God desires for all his people. Bible study, quiet devotion time with God, worship, sharing and serving others are all expressions of the joy Christians experience no matter what season we are in.

May we celebrate the birth of our Savior with joy this Christmas, but not forget that this joy doesn’t end December 25.   Even in the cold, bleak January nights, may our hearts be filled with deep gratitude, love and joy as we continue our Christian “dance” 365/24/7.

Jeanne Jones

(Director of Lay Ministry)