A Cup O’ Joe and a Heart of Thanks                     July & August  2017

About 2 years ago Bob Deik led the remodeling of room 118 and a kitchenette was born.  This allowed for a much nicer facility for our Meet and Greet time before and after services. I am always grateful for Bob’s leadership and the work of others who made these renovations happen in order to make Coffee Hours easier to set-up and more comfortable for attendees.

I also want to express my gratitude to all who hosted Coffee Hour this year and to the clean-up crews, without whom we could not have had Coffee Hour after the 10am service.  Below are the teams and individuals who hosted Coffee Hour and who cleaned up after the second Coffee Hour during the fall 2016-spring 2017:

Sarah Bordi, Mary Anne Deik & Congregation to Congregation Team, Tricia Ignaffo, Erica Cuthbertson, Justine Bailey, Diane Betz & Evangelism Mission Team, Pat Keeley & Children’s Mission Team, Joan Cohen & Jan Viola & Parish Care Mission Team, Irene Landi & Hospitality Mission Team, John & Abby Dux, Antoinette Proal, Deacon Gloria Taylor, Melanie Potter & Abby Triebel & Youth Ministry Mission Team, The Cox Family, Brent & Patti Thompson, Bill & Lori Bailey, Andrea Simonson, Dave, Tina & Eric Hawkinson and the Boy Scouts, Karen Cierniak, Amy Huber & The Children’s Choir, Judie Pagones, Sheri Errickson, Sue Chu, Susan Lamberton & Social Ministry Mission  Team, Beth Thorn & Girl Scouts, Karen Olson, Steve Jones & Thrivent Financial, Mike & Susan Guse, Phyllis Gustafson, Rich & Chris Redl, John & Nancy Smith, Carla Hill, James & Lucille Wornell, Erich Hespenheide, Cheryl Moreau, and Terry DiSalvo. Special thanks to Florence  Johnson who made reminder calls for Coffee hour throughout the year.

Formal Coffee Hour with “recruited” hosts stops for July and August, however, if anyone wishes to make coffee and clean the coffee pots afterward so there can be an informal, simple (no food required) Coffee Hour time in the summer, please sign your name by the date you want to “host” on the bulletin board across from the Meet and Greet room.  Complete coffee making instructions will be given.

There is also a sign-up sheet for Coffee Hour hosts starting in the fall (September) on the bulletin board across from Meet & Greet Room.  Please consider signing up to host, and thanks to all who make this very important time of fellowship and connections possible!


Jeanne Jones

(Director of Lay Ministry & Tea Drinker!)