Mission Teams, ChristCare Groups, and other groups at St. John’s organize and run outreach events that help the community at large. Below are some pictures showing our Pierogi Making Event that one of our ChristCare Groups spearheaded. At the event, people learned to make pierogies from scratch and then donated the fruits of their hard work to The Lunch Box (a local soup kitchen that feeds the poor). Volunteers also got to sample the pierogies and enjoy other foods the ChristCare Group so graciously offered all morning.  

Leung, Betz
 Brent Making dough

Mission Teams at St. John’s support outreach operations and ministries of the church in a variety of ways. Below is list of the Mission Teams at St. John’s and a description of the work they do for the church and community. 

Adult Ministry Mission Team
This team supports education, fellowship, and spiritual growth opportunities for adults and their families. Adult Education Classes, Small Groups, St. John’s History, Archives and Library Resources, the Reading Group, and Golf Ministry are all included in the Adult Ministry Mission Team.

Children’s Mission Team
The Children’s Mission Team (CMT) connects children from birth to 5th grade and their families with the life and teachings of Jesus. This involves instructing them in faith related activities, encouraging regular participation in family worship services, providing Christian fellowship activities and service opportunities. Sunday School, Holy Communion Education, Vacation Bible School and the Pre-School Program (CJK) are important programs the CMT supports.

Evangelism Mission Team
The word “evangelism” opens up many definitions in the minds of people, but basically this mission team tries to connect people to God. They support new members, sponsor a regular Adopt-a-Highway program, organize a Greeter’s Program, and other outreach activities. This mission team provides support and leadership in growing our congregation spiritually, helping people see the Good News of what Jesus offers all: hope, forgiveness, love, and grace.

Finance & Administration Mission Team
This team oversees the financial affairs of the congregation and is responsible for ensuring that all financial activities are handled in an efficient and effective manner. They review the process for improvements on a continual basis. This team is responsible for preparing the annual budget and work in conjunction with the Audit Committee to provide for annual audits of church accounts. The Financial Secretary is responsible for the daily financial operations of the church.

Hospitality Mission Team
If you like a party, this team is the one for you! The Hospitality Mission Team arranges both special and regular events, parties and other gatherings. They work together to help our church family celebrate events, bonding through fellowship and time spent together.

Love In The Name Of Christ (LOVE Inc)
Mission:  To mobilize churches and to transform lives in the name of Christ.  This ministry is built on the partnership of local churches to help meet the needs of the poor and establish relationships with neighbors in need.  All is done in order to share the love of Jesus and point others towards His transforming love in their lives. Here is a picture of some of the faithful LOVE Inc volunteers.



Parish Care Mission Team
The purpose of this team is to provide information and help regarding specific issues in the realm of personal health and care giving. This team is very active with regular blood pressure screenings the 2nd Sunday of the month (open to the public), CPR courses scheduled several times a year, a yearly community blood drive, periodic informational meetings with speakers regarding health, care giving and other issues, weekly hospital visits to congregants, bereavement and other care-giving support. The well being of our congregation and the community at large is a high priority for this team as evidenced by their dedication and number of activities/events in which they engage and offer.

Property Mission Team
The church facility has many maintenance needs, and the Property Mission Team works to keep the building and its grounds in top-notch order. They schedule days when congregants come together for spring spruce up, leaf raking, and minor building repairs.

Social Ministry Mission Team
This team shares Christian compassion and helpfulness to the ill, aged, orphaned, underprivileged and to all in need of aid in body or soul locally, nationally and internationally. The Social Ministry Mission Team has ongoing projects, such as food drives and monthly egg salad sandwich making for Dutchess Outreach and The Lunch Box (local soup kitchen), providing for a St. John’s Food Pantry, partnering with LOVE Inc. (Love In The Name of Christ – an organization that mobilizes area churches to meet the needs of the poor), making meals for the homeless shelter once a month, organizing holiday baskets for the needy, collecting clothing, and various other special projects, throughout the year.

SMMT Fill Van

Stewardship Mission Team
Stewardship is how we care for and use the things with which God entrusts us: time, money, and talents. This team encourages people to make godly, biblical choices when facing decisions that affect how we share and use the blessings God has given to us.

Worship & Music Mission Team
The Worship & Music Mission Team has the responsibility for providing appropriate worship experiences for the congregation. The team leads and directs others in the congregation to provide lay worship leaders (communion assistants, lectors, acolytes, assisting ministers, etc.), ushers, Altar Guild support, etc., as well as a rich music program for each worship service planned.

Youth Mission Team
While the Children’s Mission Team works with the younger children, the Youth Mission Team is responsible for providing educational and fellowship opportunities for students in grades 6-12 and their families as well. It is the goal of this team to provide the youth with opportunities for the tools they need to grow spiritually and be involved with the life of the congregation.

The outreach programs and ministries at St. John’s are mostly supported by dedicated volunteers who use their gifts and talents to the glory of God. We encourage people to use our questionnaire tool to determine how God has gifted them so they can have a better understanding of how God might be calling them to serve. For more information on how to discover your special gifts, please email Jeanne Jones at jjones@stjohnselc.org or call her at (845) 452-1550.