Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:10ChristCareChrome

  • How can I grow as a Christian?
  • How is God calling me to serve Him and others?
  • How can I get to know others at St. John’s?
  • How can I serve God and others outside of St John’s?

Have you thought:

  • St. John’s is a large congregation, yet I feel alone.
  • I wish I had a closer relationship with members of St. John’s.
  • I would like to find opportunities to serve God meaningfully.
  • I would like to know the Bible better.
  • I would like to see St. John’s reach out effectively to people in the community who have had no contact with a congregation.

If you have, then there is hope.

ChristCare groups are gatherings of 5 to 12 people that meet to focus on four activities:

  • Community Building and Care in which group members care for and support one another through the regular ups and downs of everyday life.
  • Biblical Equipping is a life-transforming process in which ChristCare group members follow an 8-step cycle of hearing, discussing, reflecting upon, and living the Scriptures, not only when they are together as a group, but between group meetings.
  • Prayer and Worship by which the group worships God and group members grow in their ability to pray with and for one another.
  • Missional Service by which the group reaches out with Christ’s love to meet the needs of people outside the group.

There are 6 ChristCare groups meeting at St. John’s and in people’s homes.

Please consider joining a ChristCare group. Call the church office at (845) 452-1550 and ask for Jeanne Jones. She would be glad to tell you more, give you a listing of when groups meet, and personally connect you with the group leaders. If you can’t join now we would be grateful if you kept the¬†ChristCare ministry in your prayers.