Pastor Margay’s September, 2017 Article

Over the summer, the battery in my cell phone kept needing to be recharged more and more often.  Then, it wouldn’t even take a charge at all.  I think this happens with our “spiritual” batteries as well.  Sometimes no matter how hard we try to recharge, things can go wrong. 

Well, I took my phone to the apple store, and while they were replacing the battery they broke something, so they had to give me a new phone.  But the SiM card from the old phone would not work in the new one, and it wouldn’t activate. I was completely out of touch.  I am relatively new to this smart phone world, so I had no idea how dependent I was.  Absolutely none. And it occurred to me, this is like being dependent on God.  It is so easy to take God for granted, because God is always there. 

My cell phone provider sent me a new SiM card.  While I was waiting for it to arrive, I was unable to initiate calls or texts to anyone.  I was only able to respond if they reached out to me first.  Again, I thought how much this is like my relationship with God.  “Loving him who first loved me,” is a phrase I remember from a hymn from my youth.  God is always the one who makes the first move.  It may seem like we are reaching for God, but God is the one who seeks us out.  Any move on our part is a response. 

Once I had my new SiM card, I was able to download much of my lost content from “the cloud,” but not all of it.  Every day, I realize something I thought I had in place is no longer there. Thankfully we do not need a device to access God’s love which is being continually poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.  

Pastor Margay