Children from JAM visit our children’s library.

JAM (Jesus and Me)
The JAM program is offered on Sundays at 10AM September through June for children 3 years of age through the 5th grade. Children go to worship with their parents and leave during the children’s sermon to go to JAM.  They begin JAM with “Chapel”, a corporate worship time followed by individual class time to learn a Bible story.  Occasionally “Stations” are offered (games, drama, crafts, food, etc.) that the students visit, centered around a theme. 
During the course of the year, JAM students participate in special church celebrations by singing during worship, getting involved in outreach programs and engaging in the life of the church through kid friendly events and activities.

A staffed nursery room is offered for children under the age of 3.

Active learning about loading Noah’s ark!

Getting ready for the pop-up pageant on Christmas Eve!

Creation crafts on display. These were made in a JAM learning station.

Learning about Pentecost during a Children’s Sermon.



We have a Confirmation program for middle school youth.